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And this is My Goodness!, the substack newsletter where most of my writing will live from now on. What’s it about? Predominantly about all the hard-won wisdom I’ve gained from a career that’s spanned 30+ years in media, mostly magazine editing. A lot of what I’ve learned about trying to lead people, and keeping your own self-worth, confidence and stress levels in decent shape will all be discussed here. But this year, I’ve done something I’ve never done before: I’ve just taken a big running jump into an unknown new space for my careeer. I’ve quit the job - and the industry - I’ve been pretty much married to since I was a teenager. I’ve started a new part-time role as CEO of the charity Children With Cancer UK. And beyond that I’ll be writing, podcasting, broadcasting, speaking, consulting - seeing where this new path takes me. It’s an adventure that excites me and frightens me too and I’m going to be brutally honest with you about how I’ve navigated those sorts of emotions in the past and how I will going forward. I’m hoping, that if you’ll join me in subscribing in this space, we can hold each other’s hands a bit through it all.

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I intend for a great deal of my writing here to be available free to everyone. But, as I’m sure you appreciate, writing - and especially if you care about it and want to make sure it’s useful, entertaining and done well - takes a lot of time. So for those of you are willing and able to part with a bit of money for a monthly subscription, I’ll be making it worth your while by hosting semi-regular chats directly with you. They can be for asking me any career, writing, media advice you might need, or just simply to ask me anything you want that might be useful. I’ll also be pulling back the curtain on a lot of great gossipy tales from my magazine years, where I tell you things that I wasn’t always able to at the time as a company employee.

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